Recovery and Refocus

I realized after posting my last write up about cracking 3 hours that very few people actually read blogs, or I mean my blog…. in fact , there have been zero hits! But whatever, I’ll just keep writing, at very least to keep myself focused and accountable in some way.  

Since Nagano I’ve been following the recovery schedule from Advanced Marathoning and built back up to around 40 miles a week. I’ve been enjoying running again at a slower pace with fewer miles per week, but the heat in Hong Kong is really hard to deal with. I have also noticed weight gain, which bothers me because I feel my fitness is slipping away. So I’m going to try to control my diet and doing some other cardio like biking to keep the burn going strong. I’ve been getting up in the mornings trying to beat the heat which is an added challenge. I find that I need to be running by 6:30 am or earlier, which is kind of hard to do consistently. But I’m hanging in there.

I have also been on some awesome hikes with Jenny and enjoying the scenery and found some obscure corners of Hong Kong. We discovered some remote villages accessible only by foot and have been hiking in this area every Saturday and grabbing lunch at one of the villages. It’s been really fun. Some pics on my flickr site.

I’m still not sure about my next race. I was thinking about Edmonton Marathon in August since I’ll be in Alberta at that time. But I just don’t think I can deal with training hard in the humidity and heat of HK. So I’ll probably just keep a solid base and shoot for a fall half marathon (maybe Macau?) and a full marathon early next year. Tokyo Marathon would be nice, but the chances of getting in are slim. I’ll try anyways.  There is also the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon in Japan I which is tempting because of its reputation for being kind of hardcore and super fast. Or maybe I should just stick with Hong Kong Marathon and save some money and hassle of traveling. So I’m in transition and still scheming.

Just need to keep getting out of bed early and putting the miles in.