Another week goes by…

It has been nice running and training without any particular goal in mind. I have been fairly consistent since Nagano Marathon, running around 30-40 miles a week and doing quite a bit of other exercise: yoga, hiking, cycling (on the trainer), and some kettle bell routines.

For a while I was gaining weight, but I managed to get that under control. I actually got back on Myfitnesspal and started logging everything. This feels like a ridiculous thing to do, but I think it works, at least as a strategy to get myself back on track. I feel that it has been paying off because I am a lot more attentive and don’t slip up quite so often. It’s always a shock to find out just how many damn calories are in a handful of nuts! I think the trick is not to get freaked out or feel depressed if I go over – just need to keep logging and focusing on quality food. I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping it mostly plant-based, which I think is the key to maintaining low levels of fat and developing long term health.

Although I have not been running nearly as much as I was during the marathon training, I somehow managed to injure myself. Not a big injury – just an annoying pain on the joint of my right toe. It’s been nagging for about a week. I figure there is no point trying to run through so I laid off running and did more on the bike this week. I feel like it’s getting better now so I can probably resume running as usual this upcoming week.

I only ran 20 miles this week but managed to bike 89 miles. Also went on a challenging 20 km hike with Jenny where we explored some ghost towns in the Hong Kong’s new territories. It’s incredible that places like this exist in a city that is so well known for its vibrant urban landscapes. We’ve particularly enjoyed hiking in this area because there are some good lunch options in some of these little isolated villages.


Fung Hang: Semi-abandoned village


A totally abandoned village near Lai Chi Wo


Big ass spider – one of many!