Finding Focus

Taken while hiking in Plover Cove Country Park, Hong Kong

Taken while hiking in Plover Cove Country Park, Hong Kong

In my last post I mentioned that I didn’t really have any goals and that it was nice to just run. I have found that this isn’t quite true. Although I plan to stay in base training mode, I have now targeted one summer race so I have some focus for the next 8 weeks or so. While I am back in Canada over the summer I plan to run the Crimson Lake Trail Run, a race I have done many times. It’s a small local event, but a very fun one and usually followed by a party with friends and family. This year they have a 20 km event (two loops around the lake), which should be interesting, so I’m shooting for that.

So with this race in mind, I have decided to train with a half marathon plan. I recently bought the book “Faster Road Racing: 5km to the Half Marathon” and found some plans in there that should work for me, although I may need to make some adjustments. First, I’m jumping in a bit late so I may need to ease into it, and second I’m going to have to lay off the intensity because the Hong Kong summers simply do not permit fast running (unless you want your heart rate to skyrocket to ridiculous levels).

It was a good week running again. My toe problem seems to have disappeared and so I managed to get in 42 miles, which I’m pleased with. The long run of 14 miles this morning was a bit rough and it felt more like a 20 miler. I must have sweat half of my body weight out there and my wife looked a bit shocked and concerned when I came home looking frazzled and very wet. I may need to start doing AM/PM doubles in order to get the milage in without overheating like that.

If all goes well I can get up to 55 next week. I will definitely need to reign in the pace because this will be a jump up. I think with all of that marathon training earlier this year I should be good to go, but I’m going to take it easy and just try to log some miles at a slow pace.

I had a good week in terms of diet and nutrition. This despite the fact that we have had company visiting and I was not in control of every meal. But I have found that logging everything is working out well, not so much to control the overall calorie count (although that helps), but insofar as it helps me to learn more about particular foods, ratios, and nutrients. One thing I have noticed that I sometimes do not seem to get enough of a few key components. The ones I need to work on are protein, carbs, iron, and calcium. I think I have the iron part figured out, but the other ones will have to be an ongoing project. I’ll be damned if I eat the recommended amount of carbs (a bare minimum of 7 grams per kg of body weight puts be over 500, which I find to be a difficult number to hit). I can now understand why some athletes gorge on fruit and just eat a bunch of bananas as a meal. I am going to try to get more carbs, especially as I step up the running, but I find it hard because obviously something else gets lost if you just eat bananas.

I had another wonderful hike on Saturday and got some nice pictures. Next week we might try a different route. Anyways, it’s nice to have a focus again.