Turn up the base

I had a good week of running. I managed to hit my goal of 50 miles and also went on an 8 mile hike on Saturday. My body held up pretty well, although there are a few aches and pains. I’m confident that I can handle more and I’m especially happy about the fact that I’m able to beat the heat. Running at 6:30 am is clearly the way to go. Earlier would be better, but I find this is a good time for me since I am able to deal with it consistently. There was one day this week when it was especially hot so I did my run in the morning and followed it up with an evening cool down. I may have to do that more because running doubles like that allows me to avoid the effects of overheating that seem to intensify after 9 or 10 miles.

I know that this is hardly original, but I find the best way for me to deal with the early mornings is to arrange everything the night before. I actually set out my running gear and even brew a cup of coffee the night before. Cold coffee works for me; if I start drinking hot coffee the minutes can fly by and next thing you know, it’s too late. I don’t eat anything before runs of under 9-10 miles. I might grab an energy bar just in case, but I find that I’m ok running slower paces on an empty stomach.

Everything else is going well. I managed to do a few short and easy yoga sessions and two strength training sessions (each about 20 minutes). I alternate between kettlebells, resistance bands, and body weight routines. I’ll try to write more about that later.

The toe problem has come back, which is something I’m trying not to think about too much, although I know it could be a problem. The thing is that it really doesn’t seem like it’s a big problem because there is no pain when I run. It’s just a nagging feeling sometimes – I notice it especially when I walk around the house. Hopefully this week it disappears…? I’ve tried duct taping some padding under the toe, which seems to help.

My goal this week is to get up to 55 miles and stick with another easy hike on Saturday. Turn up the base is my mantra. I’m following a training schedule which includes some speed work, but I’m going to make modifications in order to keep the intensity relatively low.