Sesamoiditis Dammit!!

Injuries are of course a bad thing, but they can also be a blessing in disguise. In my last post I wrote about how I was going to run 55 miles this week… I was excited after a successful 50 mile week and was looking forward to cranking things up to a new level. I also mentioned, almost in passing, the nagging problem with my foot and that I was hoping that it would just go away…

Well surprise surprise, after a 9 mile run on Tuesday, the problem became just a bit more noticeable. Not painful exactly, but just aching and certainly not going away. It was enough for me to realize that I need to face reality. The foot problem is not going to magically get better unless I lay off running.

I’m pretty sure the problem is sesamoiditis, which is basically foot pain under the ball of the foot, right around the joint of the big toe. Of course there are many kinds of treatments a person can find online and product you can buy (shoe inserts, etc.), but in my case I think it really seems to come down to just resting and icing regularly. So my week consisted of a one mile swim, a 9 mile run, 60 miles of indoor cycling, a 7 mile hike, three 20 min kettlebell routines, and a few easy yoga sessions.

Instead of being depressed by the lack of running, I’m actually feeling a sense of relief. It’s good to take a break and just focus on other things. With the other exercise, I’m sure that I’m not losing anything in terms of overall fitness; in fact, I’m probably helping my body to become more balanced and stronger in the long run. It is also worth mentioning that Hong Kong is now hitting record high temperatures so it’s not like I’m missing out on ideal running conditions.

My foot is getting better and I don’t even notice any pain or irritation when I walk around. So maybe it’s healed. But I’m still going to play it safe and give it a few more days. On Tuesday I’ll go out on a easy short run and see what happens. I’ll then try to build back up slowly with more rest days mixed it.