Sesamoiditis Dammit Dammit! And I Saw a Cobra!

I’m an idiot. Last week I was upbeat about my niggling foot injury (aka sesamoiditis) and the fact that I had pretty much conquered it. “It’s almost healed now so I’m going to ease into the running this week,” I wrote. So what did I do?

Well, I started my week on Monday by power hiking up a mountain and running back down (5 miles round trip with 500 m elevation gain). Is that easing into it? To some, this might not seem like much, but given that I have done zero hill training, it was actually quite a shock to the system. It felt ok at the time, but I was sore for almost a week! I have to say though, it was a nice view!

One of the 'Eight Immortals

Taken on one of the ‘Eight Immortals” in the Pat Sin Lung Mountain Range. I live at the base of this mountain and have been meaning to get up there for a while.

Instead of resting on Tuesday or maybe going for a swim I decided it would be a good idea to shake out the legs so I ran 5 miles. On Wednesday I ran 8 in the morning and 4 in the evening. This is definitely not easing into it…

On Thursday I thought maybe an easy hike would be ok as a change. That seemed to be going well until I saw a cobra on the trail. Big and black and scary. It just slithered off, so there was no danger, but it freaked me out. I do not like snakes. Period. So I headed back to the road and slow jogged for a few more miles. That’s why I don’t like trail running in Hong Kong. Call me a wimp, but I think I’m going to wait till the winter kicks in before I start doing solo runs on those trails, especially during the weekdays when it’s so quiet.

The next day I woke up with niggling pains again in my foot. Nothing too serious, but definitely something abnormal going on. Dammit! Serves me right. Well, I haven’t run since then, so it’s been four days off. To top things off I woke up on Saturday with a major kink in my back, which I am only now getting over. I hate being a gimp! But at least I didn’t get bitten by the cobra, so it’s all good.

In total, I ran 27 miles and did 3 x 25 min of kettlebells (the old cheesy Kettleworx to be precise). I also hiked 9 miles on Saturday with Jenny. So not a complete disaster. This week I will show restraint. More time on the bike and a few slow and easy runs. That’s it!

No, I didn't take this. There is no way in hell I'd get that close

No, I didn’t take this but that’s what it looked like. Jet black and totally evil looking… actually quite a beautiful creature