Injury = opportunity?

Last week’s post: my foot is injured but I’m going to conquer it.

This week’s post: Same

That’s about it. Repeat of last week. I’m now officially frustrated, but resolute now that I know that this pesky injury has officially declared war on me. I will be victorious but it will take guile and cunning, not brute strength.

I ran 25 miles early in the week, mostly easy. 5 mile jogs seemed ok and there were no problems at all. Then there was a longish run on Friday of 9 miles which may have aggravated it again. I also cycled 100 miles on my trainer. I did two kettlebell sessions of 25 minutes (one of which may have also aggravated my foot).

My strategy now is to avoid any particular poses or movement where my toes bend, and of course to lay off running. I have taped my foot and even rigged up a modified insole to off load weight from the ball of my right foot. It’s now just a waiting game – a war of attrition.

Off to Canada on Wednesday so hopefully thing will be good soon. I’m so disappointed and depressed to be injured, but what the hell. Other things can fill in the space and every negative thing can result in a positive thing. This week I will focus on being super positive.