Looking Ahead to Macau Marathon and Beyond

Well it seems that my initial idea of writing a blog post every week sort of fizzled out this summer. Just to recap: I had a fantastic month in Canada and enjoyed running in perfect conditions on wonderful roads and trails. The problem with my foot resolved itself after some footwear changes and I had some truly memorable runs in very scenic locations around Alberta. There were moments when I was totally blown away by the whole experience of running through the mountains or just down a country road in the middle of nowhere. It was a truly awesome month of visiting family and friends and recharging the batteries.

Most of my runs were fairly subdued, although I ran in a 20km trail race and came in second place! Ok, there were only 8 people in the race, but still…. 🙂 I also was fairly disciplined when it came to diet and managed to come home weighing about the same as when I left (last time I went back to Canada I gained 10 lbs in one month!). I think laying off dairy and meat really made a difference.

So I’m back home and feeling great. True, the weather is not at all conducive to aggressive running (it’s hot and super humid – like 90% or 95% relative humidity). But I have decided to try to blast through it and so I entered Macau Marathon yesterday. This means that I will need to face some difficult conditions. I ran 18 miles yesterday and felt pretty wasted afterwards, much more so that I normally would feel. I will just have to slow down and not let my HR go through the roof. October should be better.

I must also confess that I have been entertaining sick thoughts about entering the Hong Kong 100 km trail run. Registration opens next week, so I might just try my luck. That would mean that I would have 7 weeks after Macau to recover and prepare myself for it – not much time, but then I would only be looking to finish the HK100 and wouldn’t care much about my time. I may mix in some trail runs and hikes into my normal marathon training.

Going back to Canada this summer reminded me of how travel will always intensify our experiences and make us appreciate things in a different way.