Another Bout with the Pfitzinger Plan

So I’m back into the 18/70 plan (from the book Advanced Marathoning). That is: 18 weeks toping out at 70 miles per week. I’m giving it my best, but I’m finding it hard to keep the paces in the current weather conditions. The author recommends long runs and medium long runs at around 10%-20% of marathon pace. This can be difficult at the best of times.

I ran 63 miles this week and I’m feeling pretty tired. I find the mid-week ‘medium long runs’ particularly difficult. Running 14 miles on a Wednesday is obviously taxing physically but maybe the worst is the mental aspect because I feel that it’s cutting into my work time and affecting my productivity. The fact is that time is probably not that much of an issue. I have to remind myself that many people spend several hours a week, or even during a day, wasting time on the internet or watching TV. I don’t really do those things, so I should allow myself the time to pursue what I like. Anyways, a little bit of work in the evenings or on the weekend can easily make up for it. I am fortunate that my job allows for that type of flexibility.

The registration for the Hong Kong 100 opened up yesterday and I was tempted to go for it. But in the end, I’ve decided to hold back and be sensible about this. The fact is I’ve never competed in an ultra event or a mountain trail race, so starting at the 100 km distance is not the most intelligent thing to do. Instead I plan to try out one of the 50 km races early next year, maybe the Sai Kung 50. This will also leave me sufficient time to recover after Macau and prepare.

I’m really looking forward to step back week this week – down to 55. Going to focus on recovery, doing some easy yoga, and eating well.