12 Weeks To Go – Enter Mesocycle 2

This is my second time through the Pfitzinger 18/70 marathon training plan.  I used to follow Hal Higdon’s advanced marathon training plans and now that I look back I can see that while those plans were good in some ways, they were just too easy. The Pfitzinger plan got me a sub three marathon earlier this year and I’m confident that it will get me another good performance and probably a PR in Macau. Just need to stay off the injured list.

This week I decided to skip the Saturday 5 mile recovery run and go on a hike with Jenny. We’ve been enjoying our hikes together on the weekends, so it’s something I’d like to keep doing, regardless of how it affects my marathon training. In fact, it’s probably a good thing because it provides a low impact workout and a steady calorie burn. I’ll just need to be sure not to overdo it on the hikes, especially next weekend with a 22 miler on Sunday (damn!!).

So this week I ran 50 miles and did a 7.5 mile hike. I also managed to get in a few easy yoga sessions and some kettlebell routines. I felt slightly faster and stronger this week, probably because I was benefiting from the reduced milage and relatively easy paces. I’m getting closer to the target 7:20 min mile long run pace which is a very good thing. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to hit the paces more regularly.

According to the schedule, I’m now entering Mesocycle 2 endurance + lactate threshold. Which means that the intensity will pick up. With 12 weeks to go, there is a temptation to take it easy and tell myself that there’s plenty of time, but with this schedule that’s not really an option. The miles and intensity build gradually and so I’ve got to hang in there and let my body adjust.

Near where I live in Hong Kong

Tuesday evening run near where I live in Hong Kong (Tai Mei Tuk Village)