Halfway There: 9 weeks until Macau Marathon (21 till Tokyo)

Another solid week. 71 miles of running and definitely feeling it. But no injuries and I’m basically happy with the paces. As you might know if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I am following the Pfitzinger 18/70 marathon training plan, a diabolical scheme designed to inflict suffering and pain all in the name of a fast marathon time. It’s a brilliant piece of work that is even more fun the second time through.

Today’s run was 16 miles with 12 at marathon pace. For me, this is around 6:50 per mile since I’m shooting for a sub-3 time. It was a bit depressing that I couldn’t quite nail the splits, but I need to keep things in perspective. I was, after all, running in the middle of a typhoon (not one that was directly hitting Hong Kong, but close enough). It was super windy. There were trees knocked down. There were periods when the rain was absolutely hammering. I saw a few other runners out there and they waved and smiled in a show of camaraderie. So I’m not too worried about 10 seconds per mile for a few miles because it was pretty damn hardcore that I was out there running!

So let the good times roll for the second half of this training plan. Thank god I’m now entering a step back week – down to 59 miles with only one quality day (repeats on Tuesday). Feeling tired today, even after a nap. I’m so happy that the weather is getting cooler. It will be interesting to see how much all of this training will make difference and whether or not I can beat my previous PR of 2:56. Onwards forwards.