8 Weeks Till Macau Marathon: Mental Battle

This week I didn’t feel much like running. Work was stressful and I found myself not getting as much sleep as usual. Running started to seem like a chore and I felt myself slipping back into some old habits. Instead of waking up early to run, there were a few days when put it off until later after work. Instead of drinking a cup of herbal tea and stretching before bed, I found myself sitting in front of the computer, knocking back a few beers, and even dipping into the scotch a bit. I started telling myself that running is interfering with work and causing me more stress instead of alleviating it. 

But that’s the way it goes. Up and down. And when you are down, your mind will play tricks. The goal is to drive through these emotional dips and pull out the other side stronger, or at least intact. 

The good news is that I had a great run today, so the week ended on a very positive note. For the first time in a long time, the weather dipped down to a reasonable running temperature and what a difference it made. I ran 15 miles this afternoon in a lovely 17 C and so managed to keep my average pace at 7:10. Amazingly, my heart rate stayed below 140, which means I was putting in much less effort and running almost a minute faster per mile. It will be interesting to see how things go this week

In other news, I’ve lost a few pounds and I’ve noticed my body fat is decreasing. I can see the difference looking in the mirror.  It’s nice to trim up and feel lean. I’ve actually been much more attentive to diet lately and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping it clean. This week I made my own cornbread with wholewheat pastry flour and also cooked up a nice kale vegetable soup. I’ve also been sticking to the regular chocolate chia seed pudding, rice bowls, and overnight porridge with groats and other grains. We also bought a dehydrator last week so I’ve been munching on dried apples, kiwis, and starfruit. I’m pretty much sticking to a high carb and low fat diet with as much plant based and whole food as possible.

That’s it for now. I’ll post another update next week. Hopefully the change in weather will give me a new lease on running.

A took this at the turn around point of my mid-week long run. It's a lovely little temple at the end of Bride's Pool Rd.

A took this at the turn around point of my mid-week long run. It’s a lovely little temple at the end of Bride’s Pool Rd.