6 Weeks Until Macau Marathon 2015: Enter Mesocycle 3 “Race Preparation”

Just finished the longest run in this marathon training schedule that I’m following: Pfitzinger’s evil 18/70 from the book Advanced Marathoning. It was a 22 miler and I managed to run an average pace of 7:17 per mile. I felt tired for the final 4 miles, but definitely could have kept going and completed the marathon distance if I had to. So that finishes up a 70 mile week which feels pretty good.

Pfizinger’s marathon plans are known for being tough, but the fact is that they really do work. Before I discovered these plans I didn’t realize the importance of overall milage and maintaining strong efforts on the long runs. I was a pretty good runner before and was proud of my 3 hour 12 min marathon finishing time. I’ve come a long ways since then. This morning I could have easily run faster than that and this was just a training run! And I’m another year older (43 as of yesterday!). I should also mention that another factor is that I weigh almost 20 lbs less than I did back then so Pfitzinger can’t take all of the credit.

So, anyways, with 6 weeks to go I’m now entering the third phase of the plan, which is focused more on sharpening and running faster. There are also some ‘tune-up’ races scheduled, which should give me a clear indication of my current fitness and potential marathon time. I’m pretty sure that I’m in sub-three hour territory, but I’m still not sure what kind of pace I should aim for during the race. I guess I’ll go out at 6:40, but we’ll see. I’d really like to come in under 2:55.

Not much else to report. After writing about how I was doing so well at eating clean last week, I ended up going off the rails a bit diet-wise. I find it’s hard sometimes, especially if I’m running a lot. There is a tendency to reward oneself for exercise and while it is true that I do need more calories than normal during periods of heavy training, it’s a slippery slope and I have found that in my case I can easy to overdo it. I’m definitely not going to be too hard on myself, but I will try to keep it under control for the weeks ahead.