One Week to Go Till Macau Marathon 2015: ALL IN

I suppose that all adventures must have their moments of crisis. For me that was last week when I managed to tweak my hamstring. Nothing serious. No dramatic popping sound and searing pain. Just a niggle and the feeling that something was definitely not right. With only two weeks to go until the marathon, this was definitely a worry.

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Two Week till Macau Marathon: Listen to your body… NOT!

It was a good week of training, more or less. That is until this morning when I pulled my hamstring on my last long run. Two weeks out from the marathon. Shit!

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One Last 20 Mile Run Under the Belt: Time to Taper

I’m now three weeks away from my goal race: Macau Marathon 2015. I just finished the last 20 mile long run and so now the training will settle down to reasonable levels. 

So the key at this stage is to focus on the mental game. I’ve narrowed it down to three priorities (sorry for the blatant self-affirmation):

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4 Weeks Till Macau Marathon: overcoming sickness, tuning up, and winning a prize

Thus far I have been faily diligent and stuck to the plan à la Pfitzinger’s 18/70. The trouble is once you are in for a penny, you are in for a pound, and so I suppose I’m a bit obsessed about seeing this thing through to its absurd conclusion. So come what may, I’m going to stick this out for a few more weeks and try to smash that marathon in Macau!

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