Seoul Marathon 2017: Race Report


This is my race report for the Seoul Marathon held on March 18th 2017 (not to be confused with the other Seoul Marathon held in November). I’ll try to break this experience down and provide some useful information for anyone considering this event.

Registration: Even though this is an ‘international’ event (and has the IAAF gold rating), the website is painfully inadequate if you don’t read Korean. Basic information is in English but registration is a nightmare. First of all, the registration opens relatively late. This year it opened on Dec. 12th and I registered promptly on that day. To my knowledge, the race did not fill up quickly so no need to stress too much about doing it very quickly. However, be prepared to spend some time trying to figure out how to get through. The website did offer some English for the main page, but once you go into the registration area it’s all Korean. It helps if you can use google chrome which will offer an English translation (you’ll probably also need to cut and paste into google translate). But even with that, you’ll find some parts unclear. At some point I even needed to enter an address with a postal code in Korea, so I put in something random.  Continue reading