Macau Marathon 2015: Race Report

In my last post I mentioned that I was suffering from a strained hamstring. I mentioned that I might not be able to run in Macau or that I might not be able to run as quickly as I had hoped. But a weird thing happened. Three days before the marathon I had to do a fair bit of walking around work and by the end of the day I noticed that my left knee was sore. No big deal, I thought, but then I woke up during the night with some fairly noticeable pain! A day later, two days before the marathon, I could not walk without feeling sharp pains coming from my inner knee area. WTF??? How did that happen? After running 70 mile weeks, how did I get injured from just walking around? I searched the internet and figured that I was suffering from an inflamed bursa (I still don’t know what it was for sure). My theory is that after I injured my hamstring, my muscles tightened up considerably and that put some strain on the knee (you can read about the chain reaction effect of hamstring and knee injuries if you check around). So I iced it like crazy and that seemed to help, but as time ticked by I was fairly certain that I was not going to be running on Sunday.

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One Week to Go Till Macau Marathon 2015: ALL IN

I suppose that all adventures must have their moments of crisis. For me that was last week when I managed to tweak my hamstring. Nothing serious. No dramatic popping sound and searing pain. Just a niggle and the feeling that something was definitely not right. With only two weeks to go until the marathon, this was definitely a worry.

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One Last 20 Mile Run Under the Belt: Time to Taper

I’m now three weeks away from my goal race: Macau Marathon 2015. I just finished the last 20 mile long run and so now the training will settle down to reasonable levels. 

So the key at this stage is to focus on the mental game. I’ve narrowed it down to three priorities (sorry for the blatant self-affirmation):

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4 Weeks Till Macau Marathon: overcoming sickness, tuning up, and winning a prize

Thus far I have been faily diligent and stuck to the plan à la Pfitzinger’s 18/70. The trouble is once you are in for a penny, you are in for a pound, and so I suppose I’m a bit obsessed about seeing this thing through to its absurd conclusion. So come what may, I’m going to stick this out for a few more weeks and try to smash that marathon in Macau!

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Why run doubles? Get a life…

I remember years ago I was chatting to a runner after a 10 km race. This guy was a complete stranger but somehow we starting talking about how to improve and get better, or something along those lines. I remember he said something about running two times a day… I do remember that he had run that race in a very fast time and he looked very fit. But honestly, two times a day? Get a life, I thought….

Now, for better or for worse, I am that guy.

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6 Weeks Until Macau Marathon 2015: Enter Mesocycle 3 “Race Preparation”

Just finished the longest run in this marathon training schedule that I’m following: Pfitzinger’s evil 18/70 from the book Advanced Marathoning. It was a 22 miler and I managed to run an average pace of 7:17 per mile. I felt tired for the final 4 miles, but definitely could have kept going and completed the marathon distance if I had to. So that finishes up a 70 mile week which feels pretty good.

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